About Billecta Finance

Billecta Finance is a specialized company, which constitutes a part of Swedish capital group SAVELEND, present also in the Polish market

We offer a professional B2B debt financing.

Our target customer is a domestic company from financing sector, especially non-banking lending companies, factors and debt collection agencies investing in NPL portfolios.

Our mission is to support business development of professional mass- scaled creditors by providing funds for the implementation of highly profitable targeted enterprises.

We especially invite representatives of the management of companies from our targeted group, financial directors/CFO, business development and investment managers to contact us directly!
We are present at nationwide events and conferences addressed to companies from the financial sector.

Ludwig Pettersson

Chairman of the Board

Jarosław Grygiel


tel. (+48) 695 086 444


B2B financing.
Beetwen professionals


Having in mind the domestic players from the sector which we come from, we have developed our offer.
Knowing the scale of demand for working and investment capital among dynamically developing companies from the Polish financial sector, we want to offer them a financing or co-financing service for these business ventures that give our client a guarantee of high profit and us – a return of borrowed capital.

We are present there,
where the others do not reach


Our ambition is to fill a severe market gap between the inaccessible loans from the banking sector and procedurally long-lasting and inflexible financing by issuing bonds.

financial product


We are longtime professionals experienced in banking, fintech and in receivables trading. In order to meet the well-known expectations deriving from non-banking consumer finance companies, e-factors and other creditors operating on portfolios of mass claims, we have created a dedicated financial product framework – a targeted loan within the limit granted. Basing entirely on funds coming from entities of our capital group, we offer debt financing, always tailor-made and fully adapted to the specifics of our client and its business needs. We individually adjust the financing timetable, repayment schedule and collaterals.

Savelend Group

Billecta Finance is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), a subsidiary of Billecta Poland Ltd., solely owned by Savelend Credit Group AB, a Swedish commercial enterprise, seated in Stockholm.

Billecta Finance, alongside its Polish parent-company and Swedish sister-companies that provide diversified financial services (including factoring, P2P loans for consumers, accounting & payment services and monitoring of receivables) makes a part of the international capital group SAVELEND, operating since 2013.

Partners and cooperation

As related companies, Billecta Poland and Billecta Finance, we belong to:

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